Re-usable mugs at Lincoln market

by Kent Caddick

Lincoln Envirotown has come up with a unique solution to encourage coffee lovers to dispense with disposable mugs which are not recyclable.

Lincoln Envirotown (LET) project manager Dave Fitzjohn said for some time now they have been considering how to ensure that less coffee goes into disposable mugs which are not recyclable.

“We are happy to announce that with the help of a couple of businesses we have been able to do this fairly simply at the Saturday Lincoln Farmers Market. 

“Milada, the owner of the Czech Republic refreshment stall who provides the wonderful coffee at the market, has agreed to serve coffee in reusable mugs for those who request them.” 

Mr Fitzjohn said purchasing some cheap and cheerful mugs for the purpose was easy but there was a real concern about ensuring that they were kept spotlessly clean.

“A solution to the problem was found when Lisa Bennett from The Laboratory attended one of our Responsible Business Seminars and discussed with us how they could help.

“The used mugs are delivered to The Laboratory at the end of each market day by members of the Selwyn Timebank and after rigorous cleaning,are collected the following week for use by market goers.”

He said they are very grateful to all who have made this initiative happen and would encourage everyone wherever possible to drink from reusable mugs. 

“Disposable mugs are a recognised problem as far as landfill is concerned and many cafes are beginning to sell coffee-to-go” only in reusable mugs.

“People are encouraged to keep a reusable mug in their car for those occasions when a coffee is essential to help you on your journey.”

Mr Fitzjohn said they will be approaching other coffee vendors at Selwyn markets to see if they would be willing to introduce similar schemes.