Plan change

by Anonymous Author

The South Coastal Canterbury plan change is to be made operative from September.

The South Coastal Canterbury Plan Change to the Canterbury Land & Water Regional Plan addresses both water quality and water quantity in the catchment.

Environment Canterbury councillor Professor Peter Skelton said the main focus of the plan change is on nutrient management.

“The plan change sets limits for improving water quality, particularly in Wainono Lagoon, while also providing opportunities for economic development,” Professor Skelton said.

“A new schedule sets out good farm practices relating to nutrient management, irrigation management, grazing of intensively farmed stock, cultivation and collected animal effluent.”

The Plan Change attracted one appeal, from Federated Farmers, but the appeal was withdrawn in May, leaving the way open for the Plan Change to be made operative.

Professor Skelton said Environment Canterbury will contact all farmers affected by the Plan Change in the next few months to help them understand what they need to do the meet the rules. Information sessions will also be advertised and farmers can also visit or call 0800 324 636 for assistance.