Cultural experience for students

by Kent Caddick

Rolleston College students celebrated the high school’s first ever International Day this month as part of an international week of languages.

Students had the opportunity to learn about different cultures and languages and chose from a range of workshops including German waffle making, Pacifica printmaking, Gaelic football, Thai culture, Chinese painting, African drumming, Chinese dumpling making, and traditional Chinese dance.

Rolleston College students learn some new dance moves

Principal Steve Saville said at the end of the day we enjoyed a special celebration assembly with learners performing and presenting aspects of their own culture and languages. “We learnt about the Phillipines, South Africa, Irish dancing, Scottish drumming, and we even sang a song from Fiji.

Learning new skills was part of Rolleston College’s first ever International Day

“We were grateful to have the support of teachers from the Confucius Institute at the University of Canterbury and we enjoyed watching the Chinese assistants singing Peking Opera, playing the Chinese lute, and performing a traditional tea ceremony.”

Mr Saville said it is hoped that this day of cultural celebration will become an annual event which gives our learners the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural experiences.