Country club turns 50

by Kent Caddick

Weedons Country Club will mark a significant milestone in September with the club turning 50.

The club and golf course was the brainchild of local Laurie Manion who, at the time of the club’s formation, was a councillor with the now defunct Paparua County Council, which was subsequently absorbed by the current Selwyn District Council.

A number of special events have been planned for the weekend of September 8 and 9 and current club president John Reid is looking forward to the occasion.

“The celebration of this milestone recognises the substantial contribution of members, staff and community supporters including sponsors, that has resulted in the development of a very significant golf club within the Canterbury region. “The club’s humble beginnings in the late 1960s gave little indication of the growth the club has seen over the 50-year period.” 

Mr Reid, who is currently employed as a project manager with the Selwyn District Council is a former New Zealand cricket rep and has a background in sports administration. 

“Sports clubs are really a part of the social fabric of a community and it was one of the reasons I joined the club some 10 years ago. Like churches and arts groups sporting clubs bring social capital to their communities by connecting people. Celebrating a 50-year history helps us realise that the club is bigger than any of us and that we are simply custodians of the club at this point in time.

“Like all golf clubs the club faces some challenges going forward but I am confident that the foundations set over the past 50 years will ensure a positive future for the club.”

The club’s 50th anniversary weekend kicks of with a mix and mingle on Friday evening September 8. The following day the club will hold an ‘Ambrose’ golf tournament which will be followed in the evening by a formal dine and dance at which an anniversary cake will be presented.