Trees for schools

by Kent Caddick

Schools around Selwyn have been the beneficiaries of a Lincoln Envirotown Trust initiative to get fruit trees into the district’s primary schools.

The Fruit Trees into Schools programme is now into its third year and is the result of a collaboration between Lincoln Envirotown Trust (LET) and Selwyn businessman Alan Peacock, with support from Aaron Bartlett of The Outdoor Space, who provides the trees.

LET project manager Dave Fitzjohn said the project was initiated for five years and has another two years to run.

“This year the team went beyond the call of duty as they headed out into possibly the worst morning weather conditions of the year.

“Despite encountering snow at Windwhistle and flooded roads around Darfield, by the end of the day all the trees had been delivered to the planned recipients.”

Mr Fitzjohn said the trust would like to thank both Aaron and Alan for their roles in driving the initiative along.

“We have also had a number of local businesses come on board who have made significant contributions to enable trees to be purchased each year.”

Those businesses include Independent Signs, Juice Electrical, Hawkins Construction, One Agency Selwyn Real Estate, Sicon, Tufnell Drainage and the Thai Terrace Restaurant.

Any Selwyn primary schools wanting more information on the project can contact Dave Fitzjohn on 03 423 0445 or email