Supporting business

by Sam Broughton

This month I am hosting business meetings in Rolleston, Lincoln, Leeston and Darfield to look at the opportunities and difficulties of running a business in Selwyn.

Businesses are a key part of our community and provide opportunities for people to follow their passions, provide incomes for families, and are often a place to gather and yarn about the latest news. Many of the businesses at the Rolleston meeting mentioned the rapid growth and expansion in their business over the last 12 months. This is good news for those involved and hints at opportunities for those looking to set up.

In Selwyn we have a self-employment rate of 27% compared to a national figure of 18%. This means one in four of us are running our own business, getting on and sorting things ourselves, and are involved in all the responsibility that goes with it. The mean annual earnings in Selwyn for 2016 was $56,270 per annum which is a rise of 4% over the last 10 years.

Our unemployment figure currently sits at 2.2% which means that most people looking for a job are able to find one. The hard thing about that figure is that it means it is very difficult for some businesses to find the right staff for their positions.

Council feels this pressure and is a business too, and while we have regulatory functions and rules, we are also involved in employment and delivering value for money to our community. 

I look forward to meeting you at the upcoming meetings in your town and discussing the possibilities and obstacles as you see them.