Selwyn River funding welcomed

by Anonymous Author

A $1 million funding grant from the Government will go towards trying to save an iconic Selwyn River swimming spot.

Environment Canterbury and the Selwyn Waihora Water Zone Committee say the funding will go towards the restoration of Coes Ford which dried up over the summer.

Zone Committee Chair Allen Lim said recent research showed just how much the community valued the opportunity to swim at spots like Coes Ford.

“A detailed plan is currently being implemented to make the Selwyn River swimmable at this site.

“Restrictions on water takes from the river are already in place, new takes are prohibited, and water transfers are restricted,”

Mr Lim said the funding will also help improving the aquatic habitat for native fish species and brown trout in Selwyn rivers.

The state of the Selwyn River and other waterways in the district have been under the spotlight with around 150 people attending a meeting over the issue at Lincoln High School recently, organised by the newly formed Selwyn Waihora Water Improvement Mission advocacy group.