Irrigation system improves field quality

by Anonymous Author

Stage two of the installation of an automated pop-up irrigation system for Lincoln Domain is about to begin.

An automated irrigation system was installed on the two fields in front of the Lincoln Event Centre late last year and now it’s the turn of the back fields.

The Selwyn District Council said it’s hoped the installation will be complete by the start of the cricket season in October.

Groundsman Bruce Tweedy said the new system is a time-saver and was improving the quality of the fields.

“The benefits have been noticeable with the fields still in great condition due to the grass cover and watering. Any other year and the fields would be really muddy by now.

“It is also less labour intensive than having to move the irrigator three times a day and shift it every night,” Mr Tweedy said.

According to council the new system will help with water conservation by allowing more night watering when there is less evaporation.

“While the Lincoln Domain is fortunate to have its own water supply we are conscious of using the precious commodity wisely” council said.