Getting creative in Selwyn

by Kent Caddick

Giving back to the Selwyn arts community is one of the reasons behind Rachael Inch’s decision to help establish the Selwyn Creative Network.

The Selwyn Creative Network was founded to nurture the growth and development of artists, creative groups, organisations, creative projects and creative enterprises in the district.

Mrs Inch, a former Selwyn District Council arts coordinator, said nationally there is a recognised need to encourage the growth of new support systems and the way the arts are communicated to communities. 

“In Selwyn, the population growth has had a noticeable impact on our local support networks and research has shown a strong need to encourage more connection, support and encouragement for all creative people living here.

“Research has also shown that there is a strong desire from the people living in Selwyn to see more opportunities to participate in creative projects, establish creative spaces, and a need to have a place to find out about what is happening and available around our district, particularly for the youth.”

Mrs Inch has spent the past 14 years advocating for the arts in Selwyn both at the community and strategic level.

“I have spent a lot of time being nurtured and taught by the people involved in some of the district’s leading arts organisations like the Malvern Community Arts Council, Arts Heart and Selwyn Arts Trust. 

“During that time I have seen gaps in the sector that could benefit from some additional support and I want to mentor the next generation as I have been encouraged. 

“It’s important to me to provide an opportunity for creatives to connect with others, find purpose, share, collaborate and to feel like they belong as well as advocate and encourage participation.”

More information on the Selwyn Creative Network can be found at the website or by contacting Rachael Inch at or by phone 03 347 0934.