Advanced technology the best deterrent

by Andy Bryenton

The modern home contains more technology than ever before, and that goes double for lifestyle properties, and triple for working farms. That means the technology we use to protect ourselves has also advanced to keep up.

While the original tried-and-true methods of locks, keys and deadbolts still form an advisable line of defense, the front line is often electronic. A deterrent simply by being installed, modern security systems work not by making it difficult to reach precious possessions, but by making it impossible to get away with the crime. 

Information is power, and systems such as wireless infra-red cameras which can send live footage direct to a mobile phone promise that no unauthorised activities will go undetected.

Similarly, laser ‘tripwires’ set up across driveways and access roads can alert homeowners of the arrival of anyone to the property — whether it’s a tradesperson with an appointment, an expected friend, or an intruder at 3am.

Gone are the days, for example, of blurry and out of focus images stop-starting across the screen. Today a good camera system can reveal details which may well assist the law in catching a criminal — and crooks know it. Of course, part of the way a good security system works is by advertising its presence.

While it would be possible to make every last camera invisible or concealed, letting the bad guys know what’s in store should they trespass on your property can serve as an effective deterrent.

After all, even the most foolish criminal knows when it’s best to seek easier targets.

The addition of speakers to some camera systems allows a warning to be given in real time, for example — direct from a mobile phone.

Being told ‘you’ve been seen, and the police are coming’ is enough to make most burglars run.

However, like most modern technologies the best fit for your home is one tailored specifically to your needs.

Talk to your local security specialists soon to enjoy a worry-free summer season ahead.