Izone plant on track for October opening

by Kent Caddick

Westland Milk’s joint venture infant formula canning plant at Izone industrial park in Rolleston is on track to open in October.

The plant is being built by Pure Nutrition Limited, a joint venture company made up of Westland Milk Products and leading paediatric milk formula company Ausnutria.

When finished the plant is expected to create around 30 new jobs and the plant’s initial capacity is expected to be around 20 million cans of milk formula a year. 

Interim manager of Pure Nutrition, Mark Lockington, said the building of the Pure Nutrition canning and blending plant in Rolleston has progressed rapidly. 

“We fully expect the construction project to be completed on time for getting our first test of canned Infant Toddler Nutrition product off the production line in October,” Mr Lockington said. 

“The site, which was no more than a poured-concrete foundation slab in December 2016, is now an enclosed facility.

“The warehouse floor has just been completed and the upper level, the site of the blending powder plant is also taking shape.

“The office walls are in place and the carpark is ready to seal, and the next step is to create the ring road around the site.” Mr Lockington said blending equipment has arrived from Singapore and Europe and canning equipment is being tested overseas before being shipped to site. 

“Preparation for running the plant is well underway, with energised Chinese and New Zealand teams working well together.

“Recruitment for production and quality staff will start in August 2017.”

Pure Nutrition has already appointed Phil Wilson to the position of sales and marketing Manager.

The Pure Nutrition joint venture will can two different sizes of Infant and Toddler Nutritionals for Chinese consumers, plus a smaller sample size to be exhibited at trade fairs and customer meetings.