First fete for school

by Kent Caddick

Rolleston’s first high school will hold its inaugural school fete next month.

The Rolleston College fete will be held on the school grounds on Sunday, August 6, from 11am to 4pm with entry by way of school donation.

The fete is being organised by the students themselves under the guidance of mentor Rachel Skelton.

Mrs Skelton said the students leading the fete, Katey Knight, Siena Jenkins and Jaran Parker, have been working on the fete as a part of their Quest or Passion project.

“They have over 48 stalls plus student ones organised, and we have reached our capacity for stalls,” she said.

“There has been a huge amount of learning in this for all three of them in terms of event management, health and safety, and communication.

“They have had to weigh up alternatives and make some difficult decisions such as deciding not to have the large rides they initially considered due to Health and Safety, favouring instead some more low key options such as pony rides.

“They have done an amazing job as 12 and 13 year olds to take on such a mammoth task.”

Mrs Skelton said Jaran has led the car component of the fete and they are currently expecting over 25 classic cars and some new Harley Davidson Motorbikes at the event.

Anyone wanting to show their cars or motorcycles can contact Jaran at j.parker@rollestoncollege or through the Rolleston College Fete Facebook page.