With thanks

by Anonymous Author

The New Zealand Returned and Services’ Association is thanking Selwyn residents for their support of this year’s Poppy Appeal.

The RSA’s 2017 Poppy Appeal raised $1.9 million in donations nationwide.

RSA National President BJ Clark said the RSA’s ability to support those impacted by service relied on public donation.

“Poppy Appeal funds are used exclusively to provide health, welfare and support to New Zealand’s current and former service personnel and their families.

“We are grateful for the fantastic public support, for all our volunteers who contribute their time and effort, and for our corporate partners who contribute so generously to the Poppy Appeal.

“They make it possible to care for those who have served our country at home and overseas, whether or not they are members of the RSA.”

Mr Clark said the funds will assist in many ways, including assisting recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress Injury (PTSI), helping the families of current and former military personnel deal with health or hardship issues, or assisting those who have served rejoin civilian life once their time in uniform is done.

He said it is critical that the RSA and New Zealand as a whole understand that younger servicemen and women have been impacted by their time in uniform as much as their older predecessors were.

“Military service, undertaken to help those who can’t help themselves, can take a significant toll, whether physical or mental on families. This money will go a long way towards helping address this.”