Wandering stock

by Anonymous Author

The New Zealand Transport Agency is urging rural residents in Selwyn to ensure their stock are safely fenced.

The warning follows two recent crashes involving horses wandering on roads.

The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) and Police are reminding Selwyn property owners of their responsibility to keep animals safely fenced.

NZTA Journey Manager Lee Wright says wandering stock pose serious safety risks to all road users, not only on the state highway network, but also on local roads.

“Animals on highways, or on the edge of highways, present a significant hazard for anyone driving and there is the potential for serious injury, and even fatal crashes, as a result.

“The Transport Agency is reminding rural property owners that they are liable for any damage caused by their animals and if the animals cause a crash and negligence is proven, the livestock owner may be prosecuted.

“It is important property and livestock owners are aware of their responsibilities and take relevant measures to ensure these animals remain adequately fenced in for the sake of the animals and all road users,” Ms Wright says.

Motorists and residents can report wandering stock to the Police’s ‘Star 555’ (*555) free cell phone service, or for an emergency, 111.