More police for Selwyn

by Amy Adams

Regional communities have different challenges to our urban centres when it comes to crime prevention and police coverage.

The government is committed to delivering a better police service for our local communities, which is why we’re putting more police on the beat in Selwyn.

Selwyn is going to receive four additional staff for a mobile policing team for emergency response and dealing with crime, as well as four new police staff to provide a 24 hour police presence based in Rolleston.

Rolleston is one of 20 towns across the country that is being upgraded to round-the-clock patrolling police coverage over the next four years. The government’s target is to have 95 per cent of New Zealanders within 25 kilometres of a 24 hour/7 day per week response base.

As part of the government’s $503 million Safer Communities package, a total of 880 officers will be deployed across all police districts over the next four years. Our Safer Communities package also sets challenging targets for police, including higher attendance at home burglaries, seizing more assets from organised crime, reducing deaths from family violence, and reducing reoffending by Maori.

Across the country, a number of officers are being allocated to regions with rising crime, and areas of focus that require specialist staff, such as robberies, child abuse, adult sexual assault, and serious crime. This will free up other constables to work on the frontline.

We want to ensure that we send police to areas where they can make the most difference and support existing police operations. 

Police are best-placed to determine how these additional officers should be deployed as they understand and experience first-hand the local needs and concerns.

District Commanders have also taken into consideration things like projected population growth, crime patterns, and police demand when allocating staff for the next 12 months.

Selwyn is a rapidly growing region, and the additional staff will help boost local police capacity, support rural policing teams and enable officers to respond faster to call outs.