Schools are central to community

by Sam Broughton

Schools are at the heart of many memories we all have of growing up.

They are the places we make friends, learn how to win or lose graciously, are taught a curriculum and learn about how our mind ticks and how we relate to the world around us.

They are also at the centre of a community and are a space for parents to connect, sports to grow, and have facilities that are often used outside of school hours.

Some of our schools have only just opened while others have been educating young people for generations over 150 years.

During the next two months I am visiting each school in Selwyn to meet with staff and students to learn about their activities and to talk about civics and leadership.

Each school has their own way of developing leadership and it has been great to see this in action at the schools I have visited so far. A couple of key messages I am sharing are that opportunities come to us because of the work of others before us, and that it’s important to think about how our actions and influence affects others.

It has also been good to share the work that the council does around roading, water and parks that make it easy for individuals and families to do the things they love and enjoy day to day.

The visits are also a chance to listen to the ideas and concerns that schools have about our communities, road safety, footpaths and roading improvements.

I look forward to the future visits and want to say thank you to all the principals and school communities for their welcome and hospitality, as well as their ongoing commitment to providing great spaces for learning in Selwyn.