Protection for Flock Hill

by Anonymous Author

Sixty-eight hectares of Selwyn land will now be protected for future generations thanks to funding from the Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee.

The zone committee has allocated $26,571 towards a protection project at Selwyn’s iconic Flock Hill Station.

The project involves erecting a 3.8km fence to protect 68ha of land, including a 35ha wetland, from stock. The landowners will contribute $13,524 toward the project.

Selwyn Waihora Zone Committee chair Allen Lim said he was very excited by the zone committee’s decision.

“Sixty-eight hectares is nearly half the size of Hagley Park so it’s not an insignificant amount of land and it’s actually very generous of the farmers to give it up,” Mr Lim said.

While the final project differed from the 120ha originally proposed, Mr Lim said it still contained the areas of cultural and environmental significance the zone committee wanted to protect.

“It’s a big bit of land that contains a lot of rare species of plant and fish and I want to be able to look back and be able to tell my children and grandchildren that we had the chance to protect this and we did.”