Kiwi life art focus

by Kent Caddick

Four Springfield artists will be the focus of the latest art exhibition to be held at the Selwyn Gallery in Darfield.

The exhibition, entitled ‘Quintessentially Kiwi’ will feature photography, jewellery and paintings from four Springfield artists that illustrate beach life, farm life, adventure and isolation. 

The four artists who have joined together for this exhibition are Vicky Peacock (contemporary), Denise Scott (realism), Myriam Jay (photography and jewellery) and Corey Koppe (photo realism).

Vicky Peacock, who studied art and teaching in England before moving to New Zealand in 2001 said this eclectic collection of work, while diverse in appearance, has a strong thread that unites all the pieces.

“Our title ‘Quintessentially Kiwi’ provided the opportunity to think deeply about the things that I strongly identify with New Zealand like the pristine, deserted beaches of Golden Bay with original Kiwi baches, the farming and agriculture that surrounds us, and the isolation we as a nation are exposed to being a small island at the bottom of the world.” 

Painter Denise Scott, who has lived in the Sheffield area most of her life, said she has an appreciation for what nature presents to us.

“I like a painting to tell the story that goes with it and the reason I was there and was attracted to painting the scene in the first place.

“I enjoy meeting up regularly with other artists to be inspired and to share art experiences with. Having a studio now has given me added incentive to paint as often as I can and to make art, my way.” Photorealist Corey Koppe said working towards the ‘Quintessentially Kiwi’ exhibition opened the door to using one of his favourite subjects, Kiwiana.

“Being able to combine the beautiful features of some of our native birds alongside the Kiwi icons we know and love was an exciting journey which produced some very interesting works.”

For photographer and jewellery maker Myriam Jay this will be her second jewellery art exhibition but said she is excited to be able to display her photography for the first time.

The Springfield Art Group exhibition will run in Darfield’s Selwyn gallery from May 26 to June 22, from 10am to 4pm, everyday except Monday.