Farmers collaborate

by Anonymous Author

New Zealand Young Farmers is to work more closely with Federated Farmers following an announcement from Federated Farmers that it will offer an attractive membership package to NZ Young Farmer members.

Several hundred submissions have been received on the Selwyn District Council’s Draft Annual Plan. 

NZ Young Farmers CEO Terry Copeland said this did not mean the organisations were entering into a partnership but will look to collaborate more in the future.

“We see huge value in collaborating with Federated Farmers, particularly as we are developing the next generation of leaders,” Mr Copeland said.

“Many of our members have gone on to higher office in Federated Farmers and we are thrilled to see that continue.”

Mr Copeland said there many issues that both organisations align on including better employment relationships, rural health services, disaster relief and on-farm broadband services, but it’s important they retain their own identities as they service different memberships.

“However, any incentive to our members to join Federated Farmers is welcomed as it offers further value and a leadership pathway to those that want to continue in that arena.

“We appreciate that Federated Farmers needs to look to the younger generation to come through into its ranks and we are sure many of our members will join their ranks in coming years.

“We see ourselves as a pathway to leadership across the food sector in New Zealand and have an emphasis on developing our members so that they can fulfil any ambition they have.”