Hunter safety check

by Anonymous Author

Selwyn hunters are being reminded to follow the safety rules this duck hunting season.

The season began last weekend and will run through until late August.

Chair of the newly formed Firearms Safety Council, Joe Green, said safety with shotguns is a priority for all duck shooters this season.

“Most years there are injury incidents involving shotguns and these range from minor to more serious injuries and tragically sometimes death.”

Mr Green said duck shooters should pay attention to all seven rules of the Arms Code especially rules one and five: ‘treat every firearm as loaded’ and ‘check your firing zone’. “Failure to observe these two rules is the major cause of incidents during the duck shooting season.

“Also when moving from place to place with the shotgun, unload it and always ensure the muzzle is pointing in a safe direction.

“Of course it should go without saying, avoid alcohol and drugs when handling firearms.” The Firearms Safety Council of Aotearoa New Zealand was formed in February this year by firearms safety and shooting groups, and other community organisations concerned about safety over the use of firearms.