Agchem clean up

by Anonymous Author

Selwyn farmers and lifestyle block owners are being urged to take advantage of a chemical collection programme, which for many will be free.

Farmers, growers, contractors and other users of agrichemicals have until the end of May to book disposal of their unwanted or expired chemicals with Agrecovery Rural Recycling. Agrecovery funding is provided by 65 manufacturers and distributors, who support the programme, with contributions from Environment Canterbury, which means most unwanted agrichemicals, animal health and dairy hygiene products can be collected and disposed of at little or no charge. Agrecovery programme manager Jason Richards said that during the last eight years they had collected more than 100,000kg of ‘agchems’ from the rural sector.

“More than 22,000kg of agrichemicals have been collected from Canterbury since the programme started, making up around 20% of the national volume,” Mr Richards said.

“Typically we hear from farmers who are leaving a property and need to get rid of expired products, or new owners who find unknown chemicals in sheds.

“There is also a large portion of users who simply don’t want to leave unwanted chemicals lying around and want them safely disposed of. 

“It’s all about reducing risk. Safe collection and disposal protects people, stock and the environment against unwanted contact or spills, and with the service being largely free of charge, it’s a good chance to clean up.” 

To take advantage of the collection, Selwyn users of agrichemicals should book these by May 26 via the Agrecovery website.

“Despite the large volumes collected through the years, we know there are still properties with unwanted chemicals,” Mr Richards said. 

“We’d like to see those farmers and growers follow their neighbours’ lead and book them in for our upcoming collection.”