From the mountains to the sea

by Kent Caddick

Rakaia Gorge photographer Cathie Bell will be one of three artists to be featured in this month’s exhibition at the Selwyn Gallery in Darfield.

Cathie Bell will be joined by ceramic artist Blanche Fryer and copper sculptor David Lloyd for an exhibition entitled From the Mountains to the Sea, which will be at the newly renovated gallery throughout May. Cathie said her interest in photography came at an early age. 

“Since I was very young growing up in the Whitecliffs Valley, I have enjoyed the land and sky around where I have lived — the lights, the shapes, the colours — and took to photographing them with my parents’ old Kodak Instamatic camera.”

At the age of 17, and living near Queenstown, she purchased her first SLR camera and said she has never looked back.

“Now living and farming in the Rakaia Gorge, surrounded by mountains and farm land and life, and a large garden full of colourful flowers and plants, these things have become a major part of my photographs, along with some moments taken from travel overseas.

“My photography is about capturing a moment in time, just something that takes my eye and makes me smile, and I hope that these images will induce that same feeling in the viewer.”

She said this exhibition represents a cross section of her work including farm life, ranging from the mountains right down to the sea and as far afield as the USA and Greece.

Joining her in the From the Mountains to the Sea exhibition will be ceramic artist Blanche Fryer.

“The source of inspirations for many of my sculptures and paintings in this exhibition is our environment and the birds, animals, insects and fish that we share it with.” The third artist will be copper sculptor David Lloyd, an Englishman who arrived in New Zealand in the early 1970s, initially working with leather he progressed into copper sculpting.

The exhibition, From the Mountains to the Sea, will run at the Selwyn Gallery through to May 25 and the gallery will be open daily (except Mondays) from 10am to 4pm.