Battery recycling comes to Selwyn

by Kent Caddick

A household battery recycling programme launched by Lincoln Envirotown Trust is breaking new ground.

The programme aims to reduce the number of household batteries going to landfills and was launched with the assistance of Lincoln New World, which is acting as a collection point for the batteries, and the Sustainable Initiative Fund Trust who agreed to fund the start-up costs of the project. 

The scheme was initiated by Lincoln Envirotown Trust (LET), who contacted Alan Liefting of Ecotech Services to discuss their battery recycling service. 

LET project manager Dave Fitzjohn said Kyle Burnett of Lincoln New World agreed to provide the space for them to trial the concept.

“After much research on the safe storage of batteries, a container was commissioned and placed at the supermarket and has been filling up with common household batteries at a rapid rate,” Mr Fitzjohn said.

“It seems highly probable that it is the only household battery recycling programme offered through a supermarket in New Zealand. This exciting first for Selwyn fulfils the important objective of keeping toxic materials out of our landfills and is another step towards achieving environmental goals. In some European countries it is compulsory to recycle household batteries.”

Once the container is full, the batteries for recycling are taken to Ecotech Services where they are sorted, discharged where necessary, and stored for shipment to specialist recycling plants overseas.

Mr Fitzjohn said the hope is to start other battery recycling stations at retail outlets around Selwyn.

“In the meantime all are being urged to keep their batteries out of bins and bring them to New World in Lincoln.

“All Selwyn residents are being urged to make use of this exciting new facility.”

Selwyn District Council’s waste manager, Andrew Boyd is positive about the potential of the scheme.

“It’s great to see a problematic material in the waste stream being tackled through a community led initiative,” Mr Boyd said.