Health warning lifted

by Anonymous Author

A health warning over potentially toxic algal bloom in the Selwyn River near Glentunnel has been lifted.

The warning was put in place by the Community and Public Health division of the Canterbury District Health Board following the discovery of the algal bloom (benthic cyanobacteria) in the river. 

“Recent cyanobacteria surveying of the water in the Selwyn River has shown the quantity of potentially toxic blue-green algae (benthic cyanobacteria) in the river has decreased and are now below the levels that are of concern to public health,” Canterbury Medical Officer of Health Dr Ramon Pink said.

“Environment Canterbury’s routine monitoring of rivers in the Canterbury region has been completed for the summer and will resume again next summer when there is increased likelihood of cyanobacteria growth. 

“The public is however reminded that there are still some lakes where warnings remain in place due to algal blooms,” Dr Pink said. 

In Selwyn a health warning due to the toxic algae is still in place for Lake Ellesmere (Te Roto o Waihora).