Building for the future

by Sam Broughton

“At the dawn of the day, in the great Southern Ocean…” is the beginning of one of my favourite John Clarke pieces.

His recent death has been marked by New Zealanders reminiscing about our history and what it means to be a Kiwi. It got me thinking about what it means to be Selwyn, who we are, where we have come from, and what it is we are heading towards.

Selwyn District is the best place in the country. We are made up of numerous towns, productive farmland, and acres of natural landscapes covering nearly 6500km2 with Christchurch on our doorstep.

Each town has its own history and culture. Some were set up to support agriculture, some coal mining, others as stops for travellers, still others as good spots to relax and enjoy the natural environment.

Some of us are from families who have long been a part of that history, while others of us have recently moved here and are contributing to our children’s history.

Having unique, competitive towns has given us a rich history and I hope that we use that heritage to grow a connected, cooperative Selwyn for our future.

The council is committed to each of our towns. We want to plan well and provide strong infrastructure across the district. This means taking a district wide, network approach while recognising that different places often need different solutions. 

Throughout the coming year we are updating our strategic plans for the next 10 years, while keeping in mind the next 30.

We want to know what you think is important, then we can let you know how much it would cost, and you can tell us if you still like the idea. 

You might ask us to do things a little differently and we might ask the same of you.

Please be a part of the conversation as we continue to build Selwyn together.