Stop means stop

by Kent Caddick

Police are looking to crackdown on drivers failing to give way at intersections in Selwyn.

According to figures released by Selwyn District Council, 41% of all crashes in Selwyn occur at intersections.

“From 2012 to 2016 in total 520 crashes occurred at intersections within the district, and of these, 225 crashes involved an injury, with 12 fatalities recorded,” Selwyn road safety Coordinator Ngaire Tinning said.

“While many crashes in other areas of New Zealand occur at urban intersections, most crashes in Selwyn are at intersections on rural roads where higher speed limits apply, creating more risk that injuries may occur.” 

Nationally, many crashes occur at intersections, with 58,170 crashes occurring at intersections in New Zealand, or 39% of all crashes. 

In Selwyn the most common cause of crashes at intersections are failing to stop or give way (a factor in 34% of crashes) and poor observation (29%).

Council and local police will be taking part in a Check and Check Again campaign aimed at reminding motorists of intersection driving safety tips including coming to complete stop when approaching a stop sign, checking both ways for traffic and checking again before crossing the intersection to ensure it is safe to proceed.

“Police continue to observe motorists that do not stop at stop sign controlled intersections,” Senior Sergeant Pete Stills said.

“Far too many people have been killed or seriously injured in Selwyn at intersections,” he said.

“Police would remind motorists that stop means your wheels are not moving, at all. Nothing else defines having come to a stop.

“A very good habit to form is to not start looking either way until after you have come to a complete stop.”

Mrs Tinning said drivers are also being reminded that showing some patience and courtesy to other motorists and road users at intersections helps create a safer environment for everyone and helps reduce the number of crashes.

Selwyn motorists are being invited to check their knowledge of intersection rules by taking part in a quick questionnaire. Every entry goes into a draw to win a $250 MTA voucher and a weekly draw of a $50 MTA voucher.

Entries are open until April 26, and to enter visit, or pick up a form from a Selwyn library or service centre.