Housing accord boosts Rolleston’s growth

by Anonymous Author

Work has begun on developing one of two areas in Rolleston designated as special housing areas under the Selwyn Housing Accord.

The Accord was signed in December 2015 between Selwyn District Council and the Minister for Housing, with the aim of improving local land availability and affordability.

It allows for the staged development of 113 hectares of land in south-east Rolleston for residential housing.

The areas to be developed are the South Faringdon subdivision on the corner of East Maddisons Road and Selwyn Road, and the Geddes-Dryden Trust block on the corner of Springston-Rolleston Road and Selwyn Road.

Resource consents for nearly 1,000 new sections in Rolleston were issued in 2016 under the Selwyn Housing Accord, and development is now underway on the initial stages of South Faringdon. 

Selwyn District Council chief executive David Ward said that overall, 1,381 new homes are expected to be developed in the two ‘special housing areas’ created under the accord.

“Identifying areas as special housing areas enables a more streamlined consenting process to be followed, while providing council with controls to encourage good quality urban design.

“Ten per cent of all homes within these areas will be affordable housing.

Special housing areas will also provide more housing choice for homebuyers, as more affordable housing will provide smaller, more compact housing options suitable for older people, young professionals or small families.

“Currently smaller housing options are limited in Selwyn, but demand for this type of housing is expected to increase as our population ages.”

Mr Ward said providing an adequate supply of housing in the district will help keep homes affordable and provide the public with competition and a choice of housing options.

                   Development is underway in the South Faringdon special housing 
                                      area, near Lemonwood Grove School

The special housing area in South Farringdon has had resource consents issued for 243 sections to date, with 11 of these set aside for sections with more than one home on the property.

“In total the 243 sections will accommodate 296 homes, with building consents also issued for 22 properties so far,” Mr Ward said.

Resource consents have been issued for 743 residential sections in the Geddes-Dryden Trust special housing area, which will accommodate 888 homes.

“The new housing areas will have access to new facilities with Rolleston’s largest sports park, Foster Park, and the Selwyn Aquatic Centre, nearby, while two new schools also opened this year in the area.”

Mr Ward said new sewer lines will be laid to service this area, with some of this work already completed. “A new reservoir and bores are also planned to provide added capacity for Rolleston’s growing population.”