Council to look at Easter trading

by Anonymous Author

Selwyn District Council is to look into commercial trading at Easter but there’ll be no changes to regulations this year.

Council has made the decision to investigate Easter trading hours following the passing of the Shop Trading Hours Amendment Act last year, which allows local councils to adopt a policy allowing shops to trade on Easter Sunday within their area.

Council project manager John Christensen said the council plans to survey local residents in May as part of its annual residents’ survey to gather information on people’s views on whether Easter Sunday trading should be allowed.

“The council also plans to seek comments from local businesses,” Mr Christensen said.

“This information would be used to consider whether a policy should be developed to apply from 2018 onwards.

“If a policy was adopted a second formal consultation process would be followed which would allow people to make submissions on the policy.” 

He said as a local policy is not currently in place on Easter Sunday trading for 2017, the existing law applies with no change from previous years.

“This allows only dairies, service stations, pharmacies, take away food sellers, restaurants, cafes, souvenir or duty free shops and garden centres to open on Easter Sunday.”