A life in stitches

by Kent Caddick

A retired Rolleston man is donating some of his late wife’s intricate cross-stitch work to the district council.

Brian Crowley, who turned 91 this week, met up with Selwyn Mayor Sam Broughton recently to drop off some of the work done by his wife Jackie.

Mr Crowley said while some of his late wife’s work has been given to other family members, there was a great deal of work he didn’t want to just throw away.

“Jackie came home one day with a computer program that turned photographs into stitching patterns, and she was off.

“Most of the pieces would take her up to nine months to complete and would have around 12,000 stitches in them.”

Mr Crowley said much of his wife’s work was of landscape scenes or buildings with a lot from the area around Lake Wanaka, which was a family holiday spot for years.