Fast ways to get new business

by Anonymous Author

During busy times and times when finances are stretched marketing can be something that gets pushed to the side.

The following ideas can be easily slotted into your everyday functions.

So set aside a small portion of time and money and follow these tips to get fresh business.

Feed your relationships

Capture the details of every single person that comes into contact with your business. Use the details to get in touch. Once you’re in touch, stay in touch.

Think of ways you can ignite your relationships with these people. You can phone them, email, send a letter, some marketing collateral, testimonials, a newsletter or card or just invite them for a coffee. Bottom line — make putting time into your relationships a continuous thing and don’t let potential sales get away.

Get online 

Ninety three percent of Kiwis look for information about products and services online yet only 30% of New Zealand firms have a website. So if you’re not online, you need to be. 

If you don’t have a website fill the gap with a business Facebook page until you get one or contact us at the Selwyn District Business Hub. Our website strategic partner can build a simple starter business website for minimal cost.

With a business presence online your business is open 24/7. It also adds credibility to your company as people doubt the security and reliability of a business that doesn’t have a website.

Review your prices

Let’s face it, the cost of everything has gone up, but what about your prices?

If your prices are still the same today as they were two to three years ago then you should increase them. But it’s a competitive market place I hear you say. Even small incremental increases in prices can make a real difference to your bottom line. So try it and see.

Referrals — the easy way to sales

It’s always easier to sell to someone who has been referred to your business. 

This is because you have been recommended by someone whose opinion they trust. Straight away your business has instant credibility. 

Imagine if every person you did business with gave you just one referral. How much of a difference would that make to your bottom line?

A simple way to ask for referrals is to send a handwritten thank you card to customers with a simple message like:

Hi Bob,

Thanks so much for your business.

I really appreciate it.

Kind regards

John Smith

PS: If you know anyone who might enjoy our service, I’d love to be of help.

Please give them one of my cards enclosed with this card. 

You might not get that referral immediately but if you’re feeding your relationships (refer to marketing tip number one), then the referrals will come.