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by Anonymous Author

Selwyn game-bird hunters are being urged to get in early for their 2017 hunting licences.

Licences went on sale, for the first time the coming season, late last week and are available at sports stores or online through the Fish & Game website,

Fish & Game’s planning and policy manager Robert Sowman said hunters should get in early.

“It pays to buy your licence early as in the days coming up to the opening day of the season, there can be long queues at sports shops,” Mr Sowman said.

“Buying your licence now allows you to claim your hunting spot, make a start on tidying up your maimai and avoid the last minute rush.” Mr Sowman said it was crucial hunters check the regulations for the areas they intend to hunt as they differ from region to region.

He said the prospects for the coming season are looking good.

“Fish & Game staff say the wetter than normal weather in many areas has provided ample habitat for breeding and duckling rearing and, based on field observations, there should be good numbers of ducks around for Opening Day.”

The game bird season opens nationwide on Saturday, May 6.

The season closes on August 27 for upland game like pheasant and quail, while duck season closes earlier depending on individual regions.