Fire help needed

by Kent Caddick

The Springfield based president of the Summit Road Society is calling for help in restoring the damage caused by the recent firestorm on the Port Hills.

Society president Bill Woods of Springfield said volunteers have still not been able to access Ohinetahi Reserve to assess the full extent of the damage.

“However, behind the scenes, the society has been busy assessing the situation and preparing for the enormous programme of restoration ahead,” Mr Woods said.

“The Society recognises that this event is well beyond their internal resources and are asking for help from the public.”

He said there were two ways people can help, either financially or physically.

“This is going to be a very expensive project and a $10 per tree donation will be a great way for people to assist.

“We have already ordered thousands of plants and we are looking for committed groups to take responsibility for a defined group of about 100 plants in a specific area.” He said a more immediate requirement is for people to help them collect this season’s seed from suitable Port Hills plants, and that they can prepare the seed ready for sowing this winter.

If Selwyn residents want to register their interest as a seed collector, planter or seed grower they can contact the Summit Road Society secretary on 03 326 3035 or email

Donations can be made on the website or on the society’s Givealittle page