A leap forward in efficiency

by Andy Bryenton

When it comes to power and economy, there’s little question that electronic fuel injection beats traditional carburetted aspiration hands down. It may not have always been the case, but the modern computerised fuel delivery system is the key to better compression and more horsepower.

The old style of carburettor went out of automobiles in the early 1980s, with the final examples being cars like the Triumph 2500 S and the first-edition Mazda RX7. It hung on in motorcycles until recently, and persists in even smaller engines such as those in lawnmowers. Or does it? It seems that times are changing in the world of ride-on zero turn mowers at least, with the coming of computer controlled electronic fuel injection to the Ferris mowers range.

A good example of why this brand is being picked up enthusiastically by both lifestyle block owners and grounds maintenance professionals, the Ferris IS 3200 Z is more than just an engine upgrade. But once the comfortable seating position, responsive turning circle and wide, durable cutting deck are taken in, it’s the big twin-cylinder 28-horsepower mill mounted behind the driver’s seat which inevitably draws the attention. Similar in size to many other V-twin motors in the Ferris garage, this unit boasts 25 per cent greater fuel efficiency and a super-smooth purr from the get-go. Ferris claims that piloting the IS 3200 Z across the turf is like taking a relaxing drive — with the coincidence that you also cut the lawn. 

That matters, because more fuel economy matched to a bigger fuel tank means more time in the field between breaks to fill up. Having made its new machine more efficient, Ferris has also gone out of its way to make it more comfortable, due to the inevitability of more hours ‘in the saddle’. Its engineers have taken another cue for modern autos — adjustable rear coil-over-shocks and front independent adjustable shocks combine with a cushioned seat to make the IS 3200 Z one of the smoothest in the business. Even maintenance is easier, with plug-in diagnostics like a top-end Euro sedan.

As more and more people realise that the old push mower is not going to tackle the sward on their lifestyle block or rural property, the zero-turn mower is growing in popularity. This move to a new fuel delivery technology means a big leap ahead for Ferris — from 1980s tech to the 21st century in one go!