The Record joins national news website

by Anonymous Author

As a result of becoming a media partner of Newsie, a new online national news service, The Record website has had a facelift.

Newsie is a collaboration of New Zealand-owned and independent news companies, coordinated by Sun Media, the publishing company which operates the SunLive news website based in the Bay of Plenty.

Managing director of NorthSouth Multi Media, and publisher of The Record, Allan Mortensen, said he is extremely excited about the opportunity to be involved in an independent news website.

“It will be based on historical journalism values that help to provide a service that is far removed from an extraordinary low standard that the multinational news organisations seemed to have achieved by developing their digital presence based on clickbait and sensationalism.” 

Sun Media director Brian Rogers said regional newspapers and websites are being added every week to the Newsie stable.

“Newsie is in the early stages of development, but we’ll be adding many more independent publishers to the pool in coming months, along with freelancers throughout the country, and offering New Zealanders their own voice.”

He said Newsie will have an incredible depth of regional coverage thanks to its media partners.

“They are the eyes and ears of their communities and are committed to feeding a rich variety of important regional news, colourful stories of New Zealanders and some entertaining tales. Clickbait is banned and the Kardashians outlawed.”

Mr Rogers said Newsie was a cooperative effort of independent publishers who are united in their commitment to pool resources and to create a truly independent and balanced national news service.

“We have secured reliable and balanced sources of international and national news, and sports feeds, so as Newsie grows and expands, there’ll be more to read, and opportunities to comment and give feedback.”

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