Show all about tradition

by Kent Caddick

For 2017, Malvern A&P Association President Jane Jenkins says this year’s 118th show is about tradition.

Not surprising perhaps for someone whose great-grandfather, W J Jenkins, was the 1910 show president and for someone who carries a family name which appears now seven times on the list of Malvern A&P Show presidents.

But it’s not all about personal or family tradition for Jane.

“The show is really about community and establishing community traditions, because if we don’t get in and own the show, no one will do it for us,” she said.

“There are a lot of other events or sports on at the same time, which can lure people too, so we are competing against those activities.”

Jane has been involved in the organisation of the Malvern A&P Show since 1994 when the beef cattle section was reintroduced to the show.

She is well-known throughout New Zealand for her breeding of Angus cattle, which she does under her Floridale Angus bannere.

“I do remember being involved as early as 1971 when my father Harley, whose cousin Tom Jenkins was president at the time, took a bull to the show.

“Also when I was younger my grandfather, M E Jenkins, had a pony stud and I used to ride and help with the pony events at the show.

“I learnt a lot of the tricks of the trade, in terms of showing cattle, from my Aunties, Beulah and Zelda, who were fanatical about their horses and ponies.” Jane, with her affinity for beef cattle, is delighted by the way the section has been growing over the years.

“This year will have an English section and a European section and have added a new section of other beef breeds, which includes Lowline and Belted Galloway which are smaller cattle.”

As president this year Jane won’t be able to spend much time in the ring herself and has roped in her three children, Ruby, Jack and Tim Hauschild, to help with the showing of her own cattle.