Malvern A&P Show

by Anonymous Author

Malvern A&P Show Timetable:                        Fun Zone
8.30am Horse judging begins                              1.15pm Malvern X games in Main Ring
9.30am Cattle and sheep judging begins              1.30pm Dog high jump
10.00am Produce judging begins                         1.45pm Dog race
10.00am Fun Zone                                             2.00pm Lolly scramble
entertainment begins                                          2.15 Speeches                   
noon Equestrian and stock judging                      2.30pm Grand parade
competitions start                                              3.00pm Speed shearing and 
12.30pm Kiwi classic games at Fun Zone            woodchoppers relay

2017 Malvern A&P Show highlights:

The Fun Zone Truck entertainment features some brilliantly talented local artists and groups including Emma Sparey, Ashy Batchelor, Holly Kimber, Manaia Davis and the Ellesmere Pipe Band, all ably hosted by the wonderful DJ Singh.

Sheffield Primary School will debut the Sheffield Kapa Haka Group with a performance at 11.45am Always a winner, the speed-shearers will kick off with a relay against the woodchoppers. Something special in the Produce Shed is Margaret Johnston’s knitted cast of Downton Abbey as mice.

There are 17 individual creations in ‘Mouseton Abbey’.

Check out the art in the back shed — created by the seven local schools with some exceptional budding artists on display. The photo section has also moved here this year for a better display space.

A scavenger hunt attached to the flyer given out at the entrance gate will lead the children all around the sections with prizes for all complete entries.