Farm security is a snap

by Anonymous Author

It used to be the case that far-flung rural areas were renowned for being free of crime and theft.

Being a long way from the big city with its perceived villainy was a good reason for local pride — in a time when doors were never locked and the keys stayed in the ute at night.

It’s sad but true that times have changed, and now farms are often at the front line of the security ‘arms race’ between sneak thieves and those who work hard for their money. Fuel supplies, quad bikes and even the contents of the homestead have been brazenly targeted by criminals, but technology is allowing rural folk to fight back with devices unheard of in previous years — at least outside of spy blockbusters.

A popular choice on the shelves of many electrical stores is the Arlo wireless camera kit — a collection of four small cigarette pack sized camera modules and a single central hub or ‘base station’. The cameras are wireless with long life internal batteries, weatherproof to put up with showers of rain, and record information to a remote ‘cloud’ on the internet. Snap them to their special dome-shaped fittings to cover any area of the home, and they even come with light amplifying night vision to help capture movement in the dark. Users can set the cameras to pop into life when they detect movement, or alternatively they can be controlled remotely from any cellular device. This means that anywhere you are in the world, the farm can be watched and kept secure. Picture this — an alert comes late at night while you’re out at dinner. A shadowy figure is trying to access the equipment shed.

Snap to highresolution night vision, and suddenly you have a clear view of the burglar’s face in real time. This image can be sent right to the police force for a quick ‘pickup’ — or used later as evidence to track down wrongdoers. Then again, as some Arlo camera models have a speaker and microphone, you could also simply tell the hapless thief that he’s on film. 

That could cause any would be robber to head for the hills! In an age when almost everyone has broadband and a mobile device, the kind of security systems which were once the preserve of prisons, banks and gold reserves are now available over the counter. See your local electrical store to find out more.