Emergency over but fire ban continues

by Kent Caddick

A total fire ban has been extended in Selwyn district, partly due to the number of local firefighters continuing to be involved in mop-up operations following the recent Port Hills blaze.

The ban has been in place throughout Canterbury due to the Port Hills fire, and the prohibited fire season continues this fire ban in Selwyn.

The district’s Principal Rural Fire Officer Douglas Marshall said the total fire ban will remain in place as Selwyn is becoming very dry, meaning that fires can start easily and quickly get out of control. 

“The ban is also in place because a number of Selwyn rural fire volunteers are still involved in reducing hotspots from the fire response to the Port Hills fire, and given the scale of the fire, this involvement will continue for some time.”

Meanwhile, the state of local emergency put in place by the councils of the Selwyn District and Christchurch City has expired.

The decision not to further extend the state of emergency was taken following advice from the Rural Fire Authority, NZ Fire Service, police and civil defence.