Business opportunities in Selwyn

by Sam Broughton

The year 2017 is well underway and many of the usual start up activities now complete with recent data highlighting the extraordinary community we are privileged to live in.

Our schools are charging through Term 1, with students settling into their subjects and high schools holding their swimming and athletic sports days. 

The harvest for farmers is well underway and complete for some. The dry end of summer is beginning to put pressure on stock feed.

Businesses are continuing to deliver manufacturing and services for our community, and the end of the financial year is drawing near. 

The fires on the Port Hills have highlighted the great work of our volunteer firefighters. I would like to particularly thank the employers of these firefighters who have allowed them the time, at either very short or no notice, to contain, control and extinguish the devastating fires. 

A recent report released by the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs has highlighted a number of statistics about education and employment in Selwyn.

A few points to note are: 

95% of our young people leave school after at least attaining NCEA Level 1.

73% of all businesses in Selwyn are owner-operators and have no other employees.

2,000 of our 6,000 businesses are in the agriculture, forestry and fishing sector (primary production). 

There are plenty of opportunities in Selwyn for new businesses to set up or grow into.

If you are looking at starting something new, make sure you get good advice, and I look forward to seeing your success through 2017.