Bioblitz back on

by Kent Caddick

The Bioblitz is returning to help Selwyn residents learn more about the district’s flora and fauna.

The Bioblitz is an initiative of Lincoln Envirotown and will focus on the many species and life forms which can be found in and along the section of the Liffey Stream that passes through Lincoln.

The 24 hours of Bioblitz exploration and discovery will begin on Friday, April 7 at 3.15pm starting from the Anglican Church in Lincoln opposite the fire station. 

Lincoln Envirotown Trust project manager Dave Fitzjohn said a team of scientists will accompany members of the public in their explorations. 

“It is very unusual to have so many scientists from such different fields to work together and with members of the public. This makes the Bioblitz a rare and wonderful opportunity for all of us.”

Mr Fitzjohn said the exploring groups will cover all aspects of the flora and fauna to be found.

“There will be bird walks, lizard walks, mammal walks and spider walks, while other groups will be looking at what is actually in the water by means of ‘electric fishing’ and netting invertebrates.” 

He said the native plants and thehe areas will also be studied.

“This means that the families who come will actually be ‘doing’ the science and collecting the information that will be used in the research.

“The excitement is further increased by the fact that many of these activities will happen at night as well as in the day due to the nocturnal nature of some of the animal life.”