A smooth transition to better farming

by Andy Bryenton

When tractor manufacturer Deutz Fahr invited leading farm machinery experts to their Dresden facility last July for a new tractor launch, the first thing which caught their attention was the styling of the new 6 Series. Soon enough though, it was what hides under the aggressively styled bonnet which stole the show. 

That’s because while the 6 Series Deutz Fahr looks like it means business, with its supercar-inspired creases and angles, it’s the all-new powerplant and transmission at the heart of the beast which fulfil that promise. In fact, finding a smoother, more versatile transmission system and engine pairing in a tractor of this size may just prove an impossible task.

The 6 Series sits in that comfortable niche below the biggest tractors in the field and above the small ‘secondary’ machine that fulfils a farm’s more menial tasks. 

With every model in the range bracketed between 145 and 200 horsepower, this is a tractor for the most demanding general applications, and the new 6-litre turbo-diesel engine under that sloping bonnet delivers better economy as well as ample power.

Built to meet the fourth and ultimate tier of tough Euro emissions standards, that means less fuel and AdBlue go in to extract the maximum results in the field. Even when traversing on-road, the 6 Series can maintain an eco-friendly 50km/h at just on 1,447 revs.

There’s clever engineering in the new axle system too, for added stability and ride comfort, even with a big implement attached. But the star of the new 6 Series line-up is the link between that axle system (and those huge, terrain-mastering tyres) and the engine. The new RC Shift transmission builds on the success of previous Deutz Fahr transmission technology to create a new level of smooth operation.

Fully automatic on demand, this unit surpasses the crude term ‘gearbox’, offering five operational ranges with six powershifts in each.

With no less than seventeen gears in the main working speed range and a battery of reverse options to boot, fine tuning power delivery has never been easier or more precise.

The six-speed dual-clutch in your road car will seem positively prehistoric by comparison! Add in better comfort, visibility and an easy to maintain cooling system and this is one green machine that’s set to make an impact in New Zealand, similar to the one it made in Dresden.